18) Finalizing

8) Finalizing

Date: 11/06 2012
Group members participating: Falk, Jeppe and Jakob
Duration of activity: 6 hours


8.1) Goals

Finalizing the project and the presentation.

8.2) Plan

  • Calibrate sensors
    • Color sensor
    • IR sensor
  • Add Sounds


  • Tweak values
    • make the prey robots more animal like
  • Prepare presentation
    • Think about, what to say
    • Create some slides
    • Prepare "backup" video
  • Make graphs
    • Motivation graph
  • Improve handling of the predator

8.3) Results

8.3.1) Calibration

In previous tests, one of the color sensors did not work as expected. By comparing the readings with a sensor that performs well when mounted on a robot, it turns out that the values for getLightValue differs by about 40 depending on the color.
To solve this problem calibration is attempted, but it turns out that calibration of the sensor is not that easy. There are methods called calibrateHigh and calibrateLow in the ColorSensor [Bibliography item colorsensor not found.] but these have no effect on the getColorID method.
The next attempt is using the readRawValue instead of getColorID. The sensors is calibrated while the prey robot is on food and on the border, then a range around these values is used to determine whether the robot is on a colored surface or not.
This turns out to be more unstable than the using the getColorID, so this approach is dropped.
Using the four values (red, green, blue, background) from getRawColor does not work that good either.
In the end getColorID is used, because it works the best (even without calibration). The colors red (for the border) and blue for food on a dark brown table is used. For these colors the sensor reading are robust enough.

Reading the raw-values from the color sensor.

8.4) Conclusion

The ColorSensor class has several methods to get readings from the sensor and it is really hard to figure out how these methods measure and how calibration and settings of the sensor influence them. The source code for the entire ColorSensor class heavily looks like work in progress and is really hard to understand.
We did not have time to do the optional goals, and this moved to next lab session.

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