Notebook 01


Lab Notebook

Date: 02/02 2012
Group members participating: Falk, Jeppe and Jakob
Duration of activity: 3 hours


  • Get familiar with leJOS both the computer and on the NXT aswell.
  • Compile and upload a program.


  • Build the LEGO robot.
  • Install Eclipse and leJOS.
  • Install the firmware on the NXT.
  • Transfer and run the
  • Test the values for the colors with and without floodlight.
  • Change the intervals between the color checks.
  • Measure memory.
  • Transfer a program via bluetooth. (optional)


Color values

Color Value
Black 39
White 60
Light gray 53
Red 57
Dark gray 44
Green 46

The program uses the value 45 as the border between black and white. Judging from the above table, it could be considered to change it to 50, since it is the value between black and white.

Withour floodlight:

Color Value
Black 26
White 43
Light gray 38
Red 44
Dark gray 34
Green 42

Even though the values change, the difference between the colors is approximatly the same. The effect of this is only that the black-white-border should be about 35.


Free memory: 58288

Not using the variables:
Free memory: 58352
So if the program does not have to think about variables, it has more free memory. On the other hand it would be a lot harder as a programmer, so it should not really be considered an option.


In completing the assignment we got somewhat familier with the leJOS framework and how the leJOS plugin works in Eclipse.
We have learned how to compile and upload a program through the plugin.
In the beginning we had some issues with installing the right versions of eclipse and java because we used a 64-bit computer to communicate with the device.

We finished the assignment before end of class and we therefore began to figure out how to communicate with the device over bluetooth.
The bluetooth communication turned out to be a bit of a problem because of incompatibilities between the built-in bluetooth in the laptop and the device.

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